Overwatch Wrecking Ball

In March Blizzard released Brigitte and the dust hadn’t even settled on her release and Overwatch players were already speculating who the next hero would be and this week they got just that. Hero number 28 isn’t some super soldier or deadly assassin, it’s a chubby little hamster in a robotic hamster ball called Hammond.

While most of us will have to wait for him to be released to the standard game, you can already use him and his full suite of abilities if you’re part of the PTR (Public Test Realm). While his name is actually Hammond, in-game he is known as Wrecking Ball and he has the ability to transform into a ball and roll around which increases his movement speed. He uses automatic quad cannons to shoot enemies and he also features a grappling hook which allows him to swing around like a wrecking ball to knock back or damage enemies. His adaptive shield provides added protection for his ball and increases in effectiveness depending on how many enemies are close to him. He also has the ability to slam into the ground, which will knock back enemies while damaging them. His Ultimate is actually really cool, it allows him to deploy a minefield of proximity mines that will detonate when enemies are near.

You can watch his origin story below and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy playing as this cute little hamster in the coming weeks. If you are in the market for a new PC or a new laptop to play Overwatch, then head over to our guides where you might find your next upgrade.