Does Nvidia’s 436.02 Driver Really Offer 23% More Performance For Turing Cards?

Nvidia's 436.02 drivers

At Gamescon 2019, Nvidia announced that their latest driver will offer up to 23% more performance over their previous driver. But there is a catch, they only claim this for their new Super line of GPUs, which is still a slap in the face for early RTX adopters. So I decided to see what increase […]

Ubisoft Teams Up With Backpack Brand 5.11 Tactical For A Sweet The Division 2 Giveaway

The Division and 5.11 Tactical giveaway

The Division and The Division 2 have been fairly popular, and while the latest installment didn’t hit Ubisoft’s sales targets, it’s still a fun looter shooter to play. Now one of the things that make the game quite enjoyable is the fact that you can swap out your character’s gear with different items. This includes […]