With the Battlefield V live reveal happening tomorrow 23 May 2018, EA have decided to drop a tiny teaser. And when we say tiny, we really mean tiny. The teaser clip is 12 seconds long and a whole 2 seconds of those 12 seconds are dedicated to showing what the next installment of the Battlefield franchise might be.

The teaser doesn’t really show us anything about the new game, but many have hinted at a World War II theme and this might be confirmed by the team icons at the top of the clip. On the one side we have what is clearly a British flag and on the other side we have an icon that could represent Germany as that symbol was used on many of their tanks and planes during World War II. Personally I loved the original Battlefield 1942 game, but I also played loads of Battlefield Vietnam and a part of me would really love a modern version of the Vietnam game. Who knows, maybe the V could even stand for Vietnam, probably not, but a gamer can dream can’t he.